Online Banking

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Online Banking

Online Banking First Time Login Directions

Muenster State Bank is very excited you have chosen to register and use our internet banking service. There are a few setup steps you will need to complete in order to register and login to your online banking for the first time.

  • Registration for internet banking is required, and the registration link is available on our home page.
    • Have your account number(s) available along with your other required personal information
    • Read the Muenster State Bank Internet Banking Agreement and obtain confirmation code from the agreement
  • Once the registration form is successfully submitted, and our automatic verification process has authenticated you; you will then receive an automated email to complete your registration. If for some reason you cannot be authenticated, the bank will be alerted and will then send an invitation email to you. This response may take 1-2 business days to process and arrive in your inbox. This response will allow you to set up your username, password etc.
    • If you have not received an email back within 1-2 days, please check your junk/spam folder, and if it’s not there, call us.
    • The invitation email sent back to you contains a link in it – this link will expire 3 days after it is sent to you. Please act promptly to complete the registration
  • After successfully registering and receiving your invitation email you will then complete your internet banking setup
    • Click on the link in the email and follow the instructions provided to setup your username, password, security questions etc.

Once again, Muenster State Bank is delighted to bring you the latest in internet banking technology. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at (940) 759-2257.


Tired of receiving and filing away paper bank statements every month? Sign up for eStatements! It’s easy to enroll, here’s what you need to know:

  • Login to Internet Banking (enroll if you haven’t already)
  • Navigate to Messages
  • Choose a Form to Submit
  • Select E-Statement Enrollment
  • Complete and submit the form

Once enrolled, you will get a monthly email letting you know that your bank statement is available online. You can save and/or print your statements if you would like.

Additional Services

Mobile App

You must be an active user of internet banking to have access to the mobile banking app. To register for internet banking, please Click Here.

Feature-packed financial management at your fingertips!

Muenster State Bank’s mobile banking app is a free service to our customers designed to provide extraordinary financial management through a simple user-friendly environment on iPhone® and Android® devices.

Account Features

One-touch access to multiple account balances and up-to-date detailed transaction histories–including the ability to view check images.  It’s time to start enjoying the freedom to transfer money between accounts – from wherever you are.  Make your accounts more easily recognizable by conveniently naming them yourself.

Quick Look – Quickly review key information such as balances or recent transactions by using a 4 digit PIN.

Locate Us – Locate all banking centers with phone numbers and bank hours.  You can even get GPS navigation driving assistance to your nearest banking center.

Contact Us – With a press of a button you call or email the bank.

Debit Card On/Off  – Allows user to manage their own debit card. If you lose your card over the weekend – you can turn it off through the mobile app.  Or, if you don’t use your card often, keep turned off until you are ready to use it.  This is a great way to protect your account in case your card or card number is stolen or compromised.

For more information regarding our mobile app contact your local banking center.

Download your Muenster State Bank App from the App Store

Downloading and installing the app is easy by browsing the app store on your device.

With the release of our new Mobile Banking app comes the dedicated development for ground-breaking updates.  Look for fresh new features and usability coming soon in the future.

Available on the app store android app on google play
Mobile Check Deposit

Mobile Check Deposit is a free service which lets you deposit checks at anytime from anywhere into your Muenster State Bank accounts, without coming into the bank.

To use Mobile Check Deposit, you must be enrolled in Online Banking and have our Mobile Banking App downloaded.  To get started, click on the Mobile App menu, choose “Deposit Checks”, and follow the easy instructions.

Things to remember:

  • Checks must be payable to you and be deposited into an account in your name and you have access to via Online Banking.
  • On the back side of the check, it must be endorsed with your signature and the words Mobile Deposit Only must be written below your signature.
  • Mobile Check Deposits made Monday through Friday before 3:00 p.m. CST will generally be made available the same business day.
  • Deposits made after 3:00 p.m. CST Monday through Friday will be processed the next business day.
  • Deposits made on the weekend or on a holiday will be processed on the next business day.

How do I know the bank received my deposit?

  • Shortly after completing your Mobile Check Deposit, you will receive a “Deposit Received Notification” email.
  • Once your deposit has been reviewed and verified by the bank, you will receive a second email stating “Deposit Approved”.
Muenster State Bank VISA© Check Card

Unlike credit cards, the Muenster State Bank VISA© Check Card works like a check! Whenever you make a purchase or withdraw money with your card, the amount comes right out of your checking account.

  • Use in place of check or cash for purchases
  • Amount is deducted directly from your checking account
  • Access our ATM free of charge for cash, balances, and transfers
  • There is daily transaction amount limit of $2,000, with a maximum of $500 in cash withdrawals, and $1,500 at point-of-sale
  • Must maintain an account at Muenster State Bank
  • Complete an application
  • Customer approval is at bank’s discretion
  • No Cost to obtain first card
  • $10.00 to replace lost, damaged, or stolen cards
  • Fee for using ATM’s not owned by MSB
24hr Telephone Banking

Muenster State Bank’s 24-Hour telephone banking system will give you quick access to your account information from any touch tone phone: 866-225-0613

  • Check account balances
  • Check transaction history
  • Transfer funds and make loan payments
  • No Cost to Use
  • Maintain any deposit account or loan relationship with Muenster State Bank
  • Call your local banking center for assistance on setting up telephone banking.
Safe Deposit Boxes

If you are looking for a safe place to store your important documents or valuables, we have the place for you. Muenster State Bank offers a variety of safe deposit box sizes to fit your needs and budget. Only those individuals authorized are allowed to access the safe deposit box. Safe deposit box contents are not insured by the FDIC.

Please check with your nearest banking center for availability of sizes and cost.

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)

Our ATM machines can be used by anyone with an ATM card, debit/check card, or credit card.  The ATM gives customers the ability to withdraw money from checking accounts, check their balances, and transfer funds between accounts.

VISA© Gift Cards

Gift cards are great gift ideas for that person for whom it’s hard to find a gift. Unlike cash, gift cards can be replaced if they are lost or stolen.

24hr Bank Deposits/Payments

Muenster State Bank offers a 24-hour depository for your convenience.  Drop off deposits or loan payments during or after hours.  The deposits/payments drop directly into a safe for your ultimate security.  It is the most reliable way to make cash deposits that will otherwise be left unattended during the night. Commercial businesses also make use of the depository for their after hours depository needs. Lockable bank bags are also available.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit allows a customer to have their paychecks or U.S. Treasury checks automatically deposited into their account. Their employer or the government will need specific bank information such as MSB’s routing number and the customer’s account number. Direct deposit relieves the customer from making trips to the bank which saves time.

It is also faster than mail. Call or come by the bank for more information and ask your employer if they offer the service.

  • MSB Routing Number 111920684
Bank by Mail

Bank by Mail is a free service offered by the bank. Come by the bank and pick up some of our postage paid envelopes to use for deposits, loan payments, or any other correspondence you may need to make with us. These envelopes can be dropped in the mail or in the night drop at the bank. Bank by Mail is convenient for customers who don’t have access to the bank during banking hours, especially our out of town customers and those who work during banking hours.

Cashier's Checks & Money Orders

Muenster State Bank offers cashier’s checks and money orders for existing customers. They can be purchased by our customers for any amount.

Wire Transfers

Muenster State Bank can perform both domestic and international wire transfers to other financial institutions for current account holders.